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Camcraft Cams is an innovative camshaft design and production company. Camcraft is a full service Camshaft grinder, offering new and reconditioned camshafts and related parts to engine rebuilders and racers throughout most of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The business began as a division of R & R Automotive in 1983, and supplied medium and large engine rebuilders on the East Coast with reground automotive camshafts for their rebuilt engines.

We have a new XTLZ lobe series that is very popular now. They feature 24 degree major intensity. They are very stable and do not beat up the valvetrain. They are available in durations from 240 t0 250, every 2 degrees. They all feature .333 lift. There may be some higher lift profiles in the future... READ MORE

Our High Performance Cams

Today, Camcraft utilizes the services of a world renowned camshaft designer and consultant with over 45 years of experience to assist us in serving the racing market.

Camcraft is the only manufacturer to offer a catalog devoted to antique performance cams. It covers Flathead Fords, Nailhead Buicks, Y block Fords, 348 & 409 Chevys and more. We also have a catalog for factory performance cams.

2 Barrel Carbs

The 2 barrel carburetor in
Oval track racing

This article is not intended as a do it yourself article but rather a guide to the modifications required to make 2 bbl carburetors competitive in oval track racing. Make no mistake; there are very few truly stock 2 barrel carburetors in oval track racing at any level... READ MORE

Early Customers

Early customers included Noble Rebuilders in Easton, Recon and Jarco in Philadelphia and Capitol Cities in Richmond. Later years saw a move into the diesel market, supplying prototype cams to Mack Truck's Manufacturing center and regrinding cams for Mack trucks Reman Center. Industrial and antique markets became an important part of our business. Camshaft also offers the most extensive coverage in the industry for aftermarket Marine cams.

He has supplied us with some of the most modern cam designs in the industry. In the decade Camcraft has powered dozens of Oval Track racers to Track Championships and helped Tom Lindsay's "Built for Business" capture the national Modified Semi Truck Pulling Title several years in a row. Camcraft is also well known across the country for their Antique Tractor Puller cams... READ MORE

Latest News

Selecting the Right Cam for Your Stock Car

March 2015 Newsletter:
Just like all hobbies, racing takes the right tools. And your ‘tool’ is an automobile with the precise combination of the right combination of components. But just like all machines, yours could always go a little faster, run a little smoother and win you a few more trophies... READ MORE HERE

Camcraft Roller Profiles

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Early Oldsmobile & Buick Cams

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Important technical info for lift rule classes...

We have had some problems with customers not being able to get enough rpms from low lift profiles. This is usually due to not checking open spring pressure. The spring specs may state a sufficient pressure but it is usually for a much higher valve lift.

Be sure to check your actual installed spring pressure at both open and closed checking heights that apply to YOUR heads and camshaft. The open pressure is the most important.

On low lift applications it may be necessary to shim the springs to 20 or 30 lbs over the recommended seat pressure to get the right open pressure. Failure to do this may result in valve float and engine damage. DO NOT USE Z-28 SPRINGS! They will have a very short life and not enough pressure. We recommend H-11 tool steel springs, which cost about $160.00 per set. They are cheaper in the long run, especially if they prevent an engine failure. Some of the stock diameter valve springs for .550-.600 lift will work but they will still have a shorter life than the H-11 version. Remember these are race profiles and have very radical valve motion.

Good spring maintenance is very critical. Cams with dwell at Max lift (HDML series) usually have about a 6500 rpm limit.


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